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Monday, October 18, 2021

Adult Merchant Accounts

We’ve got your adult industry covered

Merchant Accounts for Adult Websites


The adult sector is a lucrative industry for online merchants. Following this high-risk industry are high chargeback and dispute rates. At Atlantech Payments we can help you open an adult merchant account for your dating, adult novelties, adult toys, and adult content website. As long as your chargeback rate is below 3% we can help you get your business the proper credit card processing account

Risky Business

The truth is, the nature of the adult sector lends itself to be labeled as high risk. Don’t worry; although your business is high risk, we’re here to make your life easier. We offer merchant accounts for your industry.

Frequent Disputes

This environment of chargebacks and disputes cause banks and other processors to shy away from your adult sector business. We understand that, and we’re happy to say we’ll take you on anyway.

Keeping it simple

At Atlantech Payments our straightforward 3% chargeback policy keeps it simple for you, the merchant. Stop worrying about chargebacks and start running your adult business.

You’re one step closer to starting your dream business!

Our team specializes in merchant accounts for your adult business, including an adult dating merchant account


A variety of secure payment gateways, efficient processing, and an application process that can get your business an adult merchant account in as little as 48 hours, makes our services a can’t miss opportunity for your adult sector business.


  • No Application Fees
  • Competitive rates
  • No VISA/MasterCard Required
  • Secure Payment Gateway


To get approved for an adult merchant account in as little as 48 hours click below or call 1-800-621-4893