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Monday, October 18, 2021

Debt Consolidation

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Merchant Accounts For Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation companies have a very difficult time acquiring a merchant account. 90% of all merchant service companies and credit card processors do not allow collection agencies to get a merchant account on their system. At Atlantech Payments, we specialize in providing electronic payment processing services for the debt consolidation industry, including merchant accounts, e-check processing and debit card processing. If your agency needs a merchant account, be sure to contact Atlantech Payments today.

We Get Chargebacks

We understand the chargeback issues surrounding this industry. Our expert team is well versed in the available merchant account options for debt consolidation businesses.

We’ve Got You Covered

We have a flat sub 3% chargeback policy that’s straightforward for your business. In addition, we can find the perfect merchant account for your business that can handle high ticket transactions and provide you with secure payment gateways.

We Make it Quick and Easy

All of our applications are free of fees and we can have your merchant account set up in as little as 3 days. At Atlantech Payments we know you want to get your business moving in the right direction, as quickly as possible.

You’re one step closer to starting your dream business!

We Love to Say “YES”! Apply Today

Let us find your business the perfect, cost-effective merchant account to get your debt consolidation business off the ground.

  • No Application Fees
  • Competitive rates
  • No VISA/MasterCard Required
  • Secure Payment Gateway

To get approved for a casino or gaming merchant account in 48 hours or less click on the image below or call 1-800-621-4893.