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Monday, October 18, 2021


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Merchant Accounts For Nutraceutical


Nutraceuticals are tricky businesses to find merchant accounts for, due to lack of health regularization by the government. While it is a thriving industry, the companies are considered high risk due to the chance for legal action in such a loose and unregulated market. Banks will avoid your nutraceutical company while Atlantech Payments specializes in your nutraceutical company.

Contact our nutraceutical team, as long as you can keep your chargebacks under 3% we can start setting up your merchant account today.

You’re Not alone

All startups and business owners can struggle to find merchant accounts. One can draw parallels between nutraceuticals, e-cigarettes, and vaporizers as new products that thrive using internet retail, yet lack authoritative regulation from the federal government. At Atlantech Payments we have the team and tools to get you approved in as little as 48-72 hours.

Quick & Easy

At Atlantech Payments one of the issues plaguing normal merchants matters. We can get you started with a merchant account quickly and efficiently. Just fill out our application. We know as a Nutraceutical provider you require a unique solution, and we’re here to service your needs.

You’re Approved

Still need more proof? Your business will not be declined because of the market you’re in. We guarantee that your industry will not be the reason for your application not being approved. We have countless, happy, nutraceutical merchant account holders, ready to share their stories.

You’re one step closer to starting your dream business!

Experience is Key


Simple and straightforward, our merchant services can be tailored for your business matching your needs. Our application process is easy and our team can show you how to maximize the efficiency of your business’ credit payment processing.

To get approved for a nutraceutical merchant account in 48 hours click below or call 1-800-621-4893