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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Bail Bonds

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If your business deals with bail bonds it may be difficult to secure a merchant account from a traditional bank and institution. The bail bond business is another one of those industries that banks shy away from due to concerns over inconsistent cash flow. It’s difficult to create an accurate forecast in bail bonds because, while people are always going to jail, they’re not always posting bail. There is also an increased risk of chargebacks in the bail bond industry. People that pay to post bail with their credit card, may call back their card company and dispute the transaction after your client has already posted bail and been released from jail.

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In as little as 48 hours we can help get your bail bond business set up with a merchant account. Get low rates, no set up fees and top notch customer service.

Requirements Are Easy

Our requirements are easy to understand and upfront: Maintain a chargeback/dispute rate lower than 3% and we’ll find an efficient and cost-effective merchant account that can handle the wide range of transactions encountered in the bail bond industry.

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Applying is easy and Atlantech Payments prides itself in getting your merchant account set up quickly. Once all proper documentation and agreements have been signed, we can have you approved in as little as 48-72 hours.

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