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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Chargeback Mitigation

For just 48 hours your business can…

Reduce chargebacks

Did you know that eighty-six percent of cardholders do not contact merchants before they file a dispute? And this usually leads to fees, penalties, chargebacks, and may even cost you your processing privileges. Our alerts will help you reduce your ratios and get out in front of chargebacks.

Contest and win chargebacks

We all know that fighting chargebacks can be expensive and time consuming. But every war can be won, even this one. Our automated systems will compile your case and submit the challenge. We’re only paid after we win, that is why our win rate is twice the industry average.

Reduce fraud

Atlantech Payments Intelligence is serving you to identify and red flag fraud-prone accounts and affiliates, so together we can stop fraud before you face further losses. We may even help you with early chargebacks to intercept fulfillment of disputed purchases.

Recover lost sales

Studies show that decline rates for recurring orders run 25% – 30% and 33% of the orders that merchants reject are actually good. Our systems are specialized exactly to pick up on these situations and alert you, so you can safely recover the sale and the customer.

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